"I'm not the master of the sax, George Garzone is."  

                                                                               Michael Brecker


"Parallels with John Coltrane's classic quartet are too lightly tossed around but this really did have something of that monumental, wave-like energy, the tenor by turns majestic and searing. "  

                                             John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald


"Garzone brings polished and emotional interpretations on a majority of the cuts. It is the kind of gut-level honesty that's missing in much of today's music." 

          Denai Burbank


"You know the movie "The Natural?" They named that after George Garzone..."  

            Dave Liebman


"Garzone as always, proves himself a supreme and singular talent. Plenty has been said of his playing, and he distinguishes himself song after song... "                                                                                               Jonathon Babu


"George Garzone, who could reproduce it without seeming glib, through a real understanding of Coltrane’s improvising strategies and his own modest gusto. It was good to hear, even better because he offered only a taste of it."

                                                                                                      Ben Ratliff





   "George Garzone is one of the most visible, heard and respected saxophonists and educators on the world stage today. His influence and contribution are immeasurable in scope. He is constantly working out new ideas and developing his approach to communicate with others and has been doing so for quite some time. George is dedicated to the music and is a constant inspiration to everyone around him, including me.

   This amazing DVD, "The Music of George Garzone & The Triadic Chromatic Approach", will have everyone that wants to create music, enlightened and searching for fresh ways of developing new ideas !!! Enjoy the journey, thats whats it's all about."

   Joe Lovano - Multiple Grammy Nominee, Gary Burton Chair in Jazz Performance - Berklee College of Music






George Garzone

Among Friends
featuring:  Steve Kuhn, Paul Motian, and Anders Christensen

available at cdUniverse, Amazon, iTunes and more ...


"Among Friends" digs deeper and is an autumnal highlight of a so far distinguished career ...



Moriyama Takeo Jazz Night

Japan Sept. 2010


George Garzone on sax, Takeo Moriyama on drums,

Fumio Itabashi on piano, Shinichi Kato on bass ...





George Garzone live at the Pit Inn

along with the Moriyama Takeo Quartet


Watch  George Garzone perform live with Moriyama Takeo and others ...

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April 13th LIVE Performance on WGBH 87.9

Jazz In Performance: George Garzone and Leo Genovese

For more video click the WGBH button below this video.







Concert Review: The NEC Jazz Faculty All-Stars at the Jazz Standard,

NYC 3/24/10 March 25, 2010

To steal a line out of the Jim Macnie fakebook (he gets a shout-out because he’s on the side of the angels), this was the coolest faculty meeting you could imagine. The New England Conservatory’s jazz faculty distinguish themselves in a lot of ways but most of all because they maintain fulltime live performance schedules.





George Garzone and Leo Genovese perform at the Regattabar,

Cambridge Mass ... Interview with author Ben Ratliff ...

To view the entire interview click the link below this video.